Telfort and their Internet Bundles

I recently got a new phone, the HTC 8X, and it uses a micro-SIM sized SIM-card. My current one was a mini-SIM so I went out and got a prepaid subscription from Telfort shop around the corner.

Today I went to their website to take a look at their Internet bundles.

Just €0.02 per MB for the 25MB bundle, or wait, that is wrong. It should be €0.20! Not that great deal anymore.

Telfort 25MB Internet bundle


When I went further into the self service portal I noticed that I had the option to get the 5MB bundle for €5 or the 25MB for €5. (link required Telfort login) What?! I am not sure which one to choose so I emailed their customer service to see if they maybe got an idea which is better…

Telfort 5MB/25MB bundle for €5


I guess I will not try their internet on the phone, not until I change to Simyo in a couple of weeks.